Washoku, Japan's traditional food, was designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

The traditional cuisine of Japan, called Washoku, is unique in its combination of seasonal and regional variation served in an aesthetic presentation. Washoku was named in Dec (MORE)
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The Japanese Follow The Chinese Zodiac

Japan has adopted the western calendar so Japanese celebrate the New Year on January 1 instead of the Chinese lunar New Year, but Japanese culture still uses the Chinese Zodia (MORE)

The Japanese Prepare Special Food for New Year's Celebrations

In the west, we don't have special dishes that we think of as "New Year's food." But in Japan, there are special culinary traditions that go along with the country's cultural (MORE)

How The Japanese Celebrate The New Year

Unlike most other Asian countries which mark the Lunar New Year, Japan celebrates the New Year on January 1, western-style. But the Japanese have different traditions to usher (MORE)