Simple Savory Japanese Breakfast Recipe

Traditional Japanese breakfasts are often savory, but stirred egg soup (tamago toji jiru) is one of the simplest to make, even for beginner students of Japanese cuisine. This (MORE)
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Facts About Japanese Cats

From Hello Kitty designed in 1974 by Japanese artist, Yuko Shimizu, representing the Japanese bobtail cat, to Maneki-neko, the beckoning cat that's considered to be a talisman (MORE)
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5 Popular Japanese Animals

Japan is the native home to many animals. From dogs to bears, the people of this Asian country are proud of the wide variety of pets, wildlife, and reptiles that call it home. (MORE)

Great Japanese Inspired Desserts

Dessert is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal. You can simply buy dessert from the store or make it yourself from scratch. If you opt for the latter, then th (MORE)

Tasty and Traditional Japanese Desserts

Though it sounds a little strange to most Americans, bean paste and rice are the most common ingredients in traditional Japanese desserts. Though these desserts are small in s (MORE)