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Japanese Americans

Finding a Japanese Penpal

Having a penpal has long been a traditional way of meeting and getting to know new people from around the globe. While largely a children?s pastime, many adults are involved in it also. The Internet has made the search for a penpal easy, and finding one in Japan is usually...(more)

Sama and Other Japanese Honorifics

Every language has its own words to use as a way of addressing others. These words are known as honorifics. In the Japanese culture, honorifics are extremely important. In fact, it is considered quite rude to not use Japanese honorifics such as sama, san, kun, and chan....(more)


Tokyo Disneyland Celebrates 30 Years of American-Born Fun

Walt Disney had a global vision, which has grown from just producing cartoons to being the most famous animation studio in the world, as well as a full live-action movie studio, television giant and theme park operator. Tokyo Disneyland has continued his legacy in Japan for 30 years....(more)

Walking Vistas in Japan

When most Americans think of tourism in Japan they think of two things, large crowded cities like Tokyo and futuristic technology. This causes many people to plan their trips around the cities and wanting to spend their vacation outdoors to inadvertently overlook the country. What many tourists forget is that while Japan does have thriving cities with a vibrant atmosphere and countless activities, it also has beautiful outdoor areas with landscapes on par with anywhere else in the world. Despite many people's misconceptions, Japan is a very accommodating place for backpackers and walkers, with excellent trails all over the country....(more)

Top 5 Places to See on Your Japanese Summer Vacation

A Japanese summer vacation consists of festivals, fireworks, beaches, and plenty of fun things to see and do. The weather is hot and humid during summer months, unless you spend time in the mountains, and during June, expect a few rainy days during your trip. Tourism in Japan is huge, with millions of people visiting each year. Anytime of the year is considered a great time to visit, but a Japanese summer vacation offers a more festive experience to your trip....(more)


Japanese: Exclamatory Phrases

It can be difficult learning a new language. Although people may understand basic words, phrases can be a confusing topic. The tone in which people say a group of words can quickly change the connotation. There is also a number of informal ways of saying things in a slang manner. There are several Japanese phrases that are exclamatory but also may be considered rude....(more)

Gil Asakawa

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Gil Asakawa is a third-generation Japanese American, or Sansei, who was born in Tokyo. His father served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and met his mother in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, where he was stationed. Gil moved with his family to the U.S.

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